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How often should Big Lots be Mowed?

Large lots of land require consistent, proper care to thrive. Whether a lawn grows from freshly planted sod or directly from seeds. Mowing at the right time of day, particularly in the summer months, improves lawn quality, reduces weeds and disease, and preserves a lawn’s appearance. A brightly green, manicured lawn is the joy of many lawn owners. This implies that the heat is on while the sun is up for the best lawn to shine. Grasses in the warm season can require up to three mowings per week. When the sun is down, the best time to mow is in the evening. This allows the roots to retain moisture when the blades are extended. Evening mowing also provides the grass with about twelve hours of shade and time for regeneration before the next sunrise.

The inclination is to wake up first thing and mow the lawn when the weather heats up. If the grass, however, has morning dew or has just been washed, hold off. It is more likely that wet grass will suffer rough cuts. The clippings are also stuck in the lawnmower and are likely to stick together and cover the grass, protecting the sunlight required. The disease often spreads more comfortably because it is more likely to break away from the ground when it is muddy. 

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